Custom Awards & Event Collateral

Evolve Custom Made Invites

Presented by TechnologyOne, the 2016 Evolve User Conference, located in Brisbane, is set to break the mould for preparing for a cloud and mobile-based world in order to maximise investments in TechnologyOne’s enterprise software.

With the need for efficient, cost-cutting business ideals, this event goes beyond the basics, delving into the specific steps for leveraging leading technologies with more than 100 sessions of industry speakers, product demonstrations and customer case studies, as well as one-on-one access with TechnologyOne experts, opportunities for professional networking and more.


Tasked with creating 350 customised invitations for this modern, technology-focused event, we began by creating an external sleeve for the invitations, accomplished through our use of laser cut Curious Matter specialty paper from K.W. Doggett.

evolve-custom-invites-foiling-laser-cut-paper-potato-press-australia-usa-2 evolve-custom-invites-foiling-laser-cut-paper-potato-press-australia-usa-3

For the internal portion and the outer box of the invitations, we used another K.W. Doggett stock called Knight vellum, further accented with a clear print over the front.

Pairing the custom invitations with a custom box, highlighted by our use of a foiled logo and tailored internal tray, we pulled out all the stops for this extensive, noteworthy and distinctive production job to create something in sync with the theme of the event.

evolve-custom-invites-foiling-laser-cut-paper-potato-press-australia-usa-4evolve-custom-invites-foiling-laser-cut-paper-potato-press-australia-usa-6 evolve-custom-invites-foiling-laser-cut-paper-potato-press-australia-usa-7 evolve-custom-invites-foiling-laser-cut-paper-potato-press-australia-usa

In need of customised invitations or presentation boxes for your next event? Please contact us for more information.

Queensland Government 2016 Excellence Awards

Introduced by the Queensland government, the Start Playing Stay Playing initiative shines light on female achievements in the local sports and recreation industries, as well as individuals and organisations that work to boost sports and recreation opportunities for women living across Queensland, Australia.
With a twice-annual awards ceremony honouring the categories of Inclusion, Innovation and Inspiration, as well as a once yearly Minister’s Excellence Award for the winners of the previous categories, we were honoured to produce customised trophies for the 2016 Start Playing Stay Playing Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Incorporating their existing branding and armed with a desire to create something unique, eye-catching and memorable, our talented in-house production team designed the custom trophies with the illusion of floating in mind.
By employing several different engineering techniques, as well as using quality materials such as printed clear acrylic and Australian blackbutt hardwood timber with laser etching, we were able to exceed the client’s expectations and provide remarkable trophies for deserving individuals and organisations across Queensland.

qld-gov-start-playing-stay-playing-excellence-awards-2016-potato-press-custom-trophy-australia-usa-2 qld-gov-start-playing-stay-playing-excellence-awards-2016-potato-press-custom-wooden-award-australia-usa qld-gov-start-playing-stay-playing-excellence-awards-2016-potato-press-custom-trophy-australia-usa qld-gov-start-playing-stay-playing-excellence-awards-2016-potato-press-custom-trophy-australia-usa-laser-etching
We recognise the importance of leading an active lifestyle, whether for your health or personal well-being, and were honoured to create a keepsake as part of this year’s Awards celebration.

Interested in customised trophies for your business? Get in touch with our Australian or North American offices, and we’d be happy to help.

Swell Sculpture - Custom Timber Trophies

The Swell Sculpture Festival starts today! Swell facilitates high quality outdoor art and cultural events, connecting people, art and place. Their signature event is the SWELL Sculpture Festival held annually on Currumbin Beach.Now in its fourteenth year, the ten-day festival brings over 50 works by nationally and internationally renowned artists to a free public exhibition on the beautiful beaches of Australia’s Gold Coast.The event delights 265,000 visitors annually, and we had the pleasure of creating the awards for the winners of the event. These custom solid timber awards combine laser etched textures and titles, and a modern stylised representation of Currumbin rock. The image wrapping around 2 of the faces is actually Currumbin Rock itself!






Two members of the Potato gang made it to the opening/awards night (pictured here with our good friend and local artist Lisa Martin). The atmosphere was fantastic and good to see so many people supporting a great event.


City of Ryde - Custom Timber Trophies & Plaque

This was a fun project created for the City of Ryde where we used a combination of Australian native timber and coloured acrylics, to make these awards.

city of ryde australia usa america trophy timber wood perspex acrylic lasercut laser cut custom 2

city of ryde australia usa america trophy timber wood perspex acrylic lasercut laser cut custom 4

city of ryde australia usa america trophy timber wood perspex acrylic lasercut laser cut custom 3

city of ryde australia usa america trophy timber wood perspex acrylic lasercut laser cut custom 5

city of ryde australia usa america trophy timber wood perspex acrylic lasercut laser cut custom

city of ryde australia usa america trophy timber wood perspex acrylic lasercut laser cut custom 6

We also created a custom timber plaque for a special commendation award.

city of ryde australia usa america trophy timber wood perspex acrylic lasercut laser cut custom 7

Nautique Big Dawg World Tour Custom Trophy

These are some custom-designed trophies we did for Nautique and their Big Dawg World tour





We drew inspiration from the visual elements of the boats to create a look that maintained the branding of the company.




The tour kicks off in Florida and travels to Spain, North Carolina, California and back to West Palm Beach, Florida for the Finals. It’s kind of a big deal in the Water-skiing and Wakeboarding industry.

This piece is made from a custom shaped solid timber base, with a mix of laser cut, printed and laser etched ply and acrylics, mounted off the base.

We think you’ll agree that it’s an impressive award. Here’s a great action shot of one of the competitors followed by some of the recipients at the end of one of the rounds. 



Mad Hueys - Komune Bali Pro Trophies

The Komune Bali Pro project was great fun and we appreciate being able to work with the guys at The Mad Hueys.

The Mad Hueys wanted a trophy with a golden shoe on it that they could drink a beer out of for their Komune Bali Pro. We love crazy projects here at Potato Press, so we jumped on it.





MAd Hueys Komune Bali Pro




We resin-coated the shoes and gave them a chrome gold finish, then mounted them to a solid block of New Guinea Rosewood. The timber base had a detailed laser etch incorporating the event branding.

It all went fantastically well and you can see the winner, Taj Burrow, drinking from the trophy in the Pool at Komune Bali.

We excel at the weird, the fun and the one-off.

2016 Komune Bali Pro from THEMADHUEYS on Vimeo.

RCAA Custom Award

This is a custom award we created for Union Wakeboards and the Riders Choice Awards Australia. It is a routered birch ply with a black laser cut type and laser etched logo. Such a nice clean finish with that style of wood, which gives the final award a a sleek and stylish look.

1-RCAA-custom-trophy-laser-etched-layered-acrylic-2016-engraved 2-RCAA-custom-trophy-laser-etched-layered-acrylic-2016-engraved

Custom awards for Coursera

Here is a recent project where we designed and manufactured these custom awards for Coursera. Coursera are a large global online training and education platform that offer courses from a huge range of university and colleges from all over the world. We shipped these over to California to their head office. The trophy itself is made from solid timber with inserted pop colour panels and recessed mirrored logo. Then all finished off with a laser etch on each side. The end result was a super clean and finished custom award.

1-coursera-custom-trophy-laser-etched-mirror-acrylic-2016-engraved 2-coursera-custom-trophy-laser-etched-mirror-acrylic-2016-engraved 3-coursera-custom-trophy-laser-etched-mirror-acrylic-2016-engraved

Guvera - Custom Layered Trophy

This custom layered trophy was created for the guys over at AMMA. This custom piece has a cool 3d effect by using different elements of the logo being broken up and on different layers of acrylic.



3-guvera-custom-trophy-laser-etched-layered-acrylic-2016-engraved 4-guvera-custom-trophy-laser-etched-layered-acrylic-2016-engraved

Converse Custom Awards

Here are some custom awards for the guys at Converse. One is a custom plaque with black japan stained timber and printed wood layers the other is a laser cut layered ply and acrylic.Black-Converse-all-star-custom-wooden-plaques-printed-wood-potato-press-australia-north-america Converse-all-star-Custom-trophy-wooden-layered-trophy-potato-press-australia-north-america Converse-all-star-custom-wooden-plaques-printed-wood-potato-press-australia-north-america Cool-trophy-Converse-all-star-custom-wooden-layered-trophy-potato-press-australia-north-america

Surf Trophies for Burleigh Pro 2016

We have once again made the surf trophies for the Burleigh Pro. Made from layered and printed acrylic.

1-burleigh-pro-trophy-acrylic-laser-lasercut-custom-bespoke-australia-usa-america-international 3-burleigh-pro-trophy-acrylic-laser-lasercut-custom-bespoke-australia-usa-america-international 5-burleigh-pro-trophy-acrylic-laser-lasercut-custom-bespoke-australia-usa-america-international 6-burleigh-pro-winners-trophy-acrylic-laser-lasercut-custom-bespoke-australia-usa-america-international 7-burleigh-pro-winners-trophy-acrylic-laser-lasercut-custom-bespoke-australia-usa-america-international

Custom Trophy Park(ing) Awards

Here is a custom trophy we did for Brisbane City Council and their Park(ing) Awards. Solid timber base with inserted astro turf, laser cut acrylic and laser etching. It was a really fun and quirky award to put together. You can check out some of the images from the event over HERE.

custom-timber-trophy-laser-etched-parking-awards-brisbane-australia-north-america-astro-turf custom-timber-trophy-laser-etched-parking-awards-brisbane-australia-north-america-detail custom-timber-trophy-laser-etched-parking-awards-brisbane-australia-north-america

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