Detailed Joinery & Graphic Fit-Outs

Kyma Samples Box

We were recently contacted by the team at Sandbox Properties to design and craft a samples box for their upcoming luxury development, Kyma, on the vibrant Gold Coast. This collaboration marks our second project in the same style with the esteemed Sandbox team, following our successful creation of a similar samples box in the past—widely praised for its distinctive design.

Our skilled in-house joinery team handcrafted the box using native Australian timber. The exterior was bound with natural-coloured fabrics to align with the development’s branding, creating a seamless visual identity. To further emphasize the brand, we showcased the development’s logo and tagline on both the inside and outside of the box.

What sets this samples box apart is its innovative approach to engagement. A removable panel within the box features captivating images and detailed descriptions of the materials slated for use in development, providing potential buyers with a comprehensive overview. Nestled beneath this panel are physical samples of each material, allowing interested parties to touch and feel the textures firsthand. This tactile and interactive element adds a unique dimension to the overall experience, making it memorable for anyone exploring the possibilities.

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Gorgeous George A-Frame

A-frame signs serve as a prominent choice in outdoor advertising, frequently positioned outside business establishments. Renowned for their portability and adaptability, these signs seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor settings. They are particularly favoured by businesses in high-traffic settings for their swift and impactful advertising capabilities.

Gorgeous George enlisted our services for the creation of a bespoke A-frame for their new branding and latest business venture. Produced by our in-house manufacturing team, the sign boasts top-tier materials, incorporating a discreet chain for enhanced stability and handles for portability.

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Warrma Piipa Message Stick

Renowned First Nations musician and the world’s foremost didgeridoo virtuoso, William Barton, has embarked on a remarkable collaboration with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO). Together, they are spearheading an ambitious new initiative that seeks to nurture the next generation of storytellers and songsmiths, inviting them to join in crafting a harmonious ode to the land.

Titled “Warrma piipa ngatji patija; kutu patija; ngata waru” (translated as “Songbook: My Story; Your Story; Our Journey”), this multi-year endeavor commenced in the heart of William Barton’s ancestral homeland, Mount Isa/Kalkadoon, with a sacred Ceremony marking the beginning of this unique partnership with QSO. Over the course of this journey, William Barton and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra will traverse various communities, including Cairns/Yarrabah, Rockhampton/Woorabinda, Gold Coast/Yugambeh, Charleville/Bidjara, finishing in Mount Isa/Kalkadoon.

The visionary concept of this venture was brought to life through a collaboration with Biren Consultancy, tasked with designing and crafting a contemporary message stick. This innovative message stick was intended to accompany William and the QSO team throughout their travels, symbolizing the interconnectedness of their journey.

To bring this modern message stick to fruition, our dedicated team engaged in a series of design and production meetings in house and with Biren Consultancy. With beautiful native Australian Spotted Gum timber as the primary material, we adorned the message stick with laser-etched Indigenous artwork, logos, and text, honouring the rich cultural heritage of the endeavor. To secure the USB drive and GPS tracking device, recessed cavities were carefully integrated into the message stick, topped with a secure plate to guarantee their safe passage.

The message stick incorporated state-of-the-art technology, featuring a GPS tracking device that allowed online monitoring of the message stick’s progress. Furthermore, it housed a USB drive designed to store footage and music from each event, ensuring that the rich tapestry of experiences and expressions could be shared with each new community along the way.

For a deeper insight into this visionary project, please follow the link provided: :

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Pipi's Samples Box

Pipi’s is an opulent development nestled along the exquisite Gold Coast shoreline. It represents the pinnacle of luxury living and has been brought to life by the boutique property developer, Siera Group. We were contacted by Siera Group and their Graphic Designer ABCD Haus with the goal of designing and manufacturing an elegant presentation box destined to showcase the exquisite finishes adorning this prestigious development.

Our design team embarked on a journey to encapsulate the essence of the Pipi’s brand, selecting a luxurious rose gold mirror finish that harmoniously resonates with the development’s signature soft pink brand palette. The exterior was designed with a warm oat-coloured fabric that not only compliments the brand palette but was chosen to emulate the warm sandy beaches of the Gold Coast. The exterior of the box was then complemented with a discreet timber shadow line.

As the box is opened, a soft frosted acrylic panel is revealed, bearing the development’s captivating tagline, which in itself, is a work of art. Once the frosted cover plate is removed, the Pipi’s interior finishes samples are unveiled. Each of these samples is framed by an additional panel printed with correlating captions. Overall, a meticulously designed finishes box that ensures every element of Pipi’s luxury is presented with the utmost sophistication.

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Queensland Government Reconciliation Awards 2023

The Queensland Government Reconciliation Awards are an esteemed annual event, dedicated to honoring outstanding collaborations and projects that propel reconciliation forward across businesses, community organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

This year, we had the privilege of collaborating with the Queensland Government to craft a brand-new design for the 2023 awards. Drawing inspiration from the profound heritage of the land, we were provided with indigenous artwork from Gilimbaa, an Indigenous creative agency. This powerful and captivating artwork served as the foundation for our artistic journey.

The design team sought to create an award that would not only be a symbol of recognition but also a piece of art in its own right. We envisioned a design that embraced the essence of the indigenous artwork while infusing it with a sense of depth and dimension.

To bring this vision to life, selected a thoughtful blend of timber and acrylic—a meticulous combination that allowed us to artistically deconstruct the artwork into multiple layers, achieving a unique 3D effect.

The timber base became a canvas for innovation, laser-cut to mirror the lines and patterns of the artwork. The logos and text were laser-etched the onto the base, adding a touch of sophistication and personalization.

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Tapestry Samples Board

Tapestry is a 22-story luxury development situated on the Gold Coast, characterized by its contemporary open-plan design and sleek modern finishes. We were approached by Siera Group, who entrusted us with the task of designing and producing a samples board that complemented the development’s luxury nature.

Our in-house joinery team handcrafted the samples boards using native Australian timber, wrapped in custom fabric, which integrated seamlessly with Tapestry’s branding, which was designed by ABCD Haus. Practicality met elegance with the addition of handles, ensuring effortless portability. A touch of luxury was added through gold foiling the development’s logo onto the samples board, whilst incorporating printed captions of the sample details on gloss white board.

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Nautique Dealers Awards

Nautique is an industry leading American boat manufacturer that produces the very best waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats on the market.

One of our favourite long-standing U.S. clients, Nautique, contacted us once more to have a highly original and personalised piece made for their 2022 Dealers Awards. For the awards, we were challenged with developing a fresh look that reflected the features of their boats. We were able to base the design around the unique geometric pattern that features heavily throughout their vessels, from the speaker design, seat upholstery and faceted sides of the hull.

To develop these awards, our design team used a unique blend of materials and printing procedures. The body of the awards were made from black stained timber with features of spot gloss and UV embellishments. We designed and manufactured 3D geometric patterns to protrude out of the award face creating a unique look. A combination of black, gold, silver, and white brand colours were chosen for the various categories of awards.

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Gold Coast Marathon Trophies 2023

Gold Coast Marathon is a world class international event and has excitingly entered its 43rd consecutive year! The event attracts participants of all ages and abilities, combining multiple 42km, 21km, 10km, 5km and CPL Wheelchair Marathon races.

This year, we were contacted to create something a little different to align with the new branding for the event. Their new branding includes a wide range of bright, vibrant colours and a wave like pattern. The design team wanted to make both elements a huge feature of the new awards.

We used a combination of native Australian timber and layers of acrylic to achieve bold, eye-catching feature numbers that correlate to the kilometres the athletes run. Layers of acrylic were laser cut to shape, printed and layered upon one another to achieve a 3D effect and a unique sense of depth. All text and logos were laser etched onto the body of the award, with the edges left exposed to reveal the varying colours used within the award.

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NASA Awards

NASA is an independent agency of the U.S. Federal Government responsible for the civil space program aeronautic research, and space research. Every year, NASA recognises the best contributions to the future of aerospace research with their software of the year award, invention of the year award and James Kerley Awards.

The team at NASA wanted to create two extremely unique trophies, with the nature of the awards being ‘innovation’.

For all of these awards, we used a combination of acrylic and layers of timber stacked upon each other to create a detailed 3D effect. On the James Kerley award, to create an even further sense of depth we included laser cut screen details to create a 3D tunnel to emphasise the portrait into the centre of the trophy, creating an eye-catching focal piece. To increase the longevity of the perpetual trophy, we included silver plaques to be etched yearly when new winners are announced.

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King of the Mountain Trophy 2022

The 2022 King of the Mountain race was part of a new inaugural race held in Toowoomba and is Queensland’s newest slot race. The race is a 1200m sprint and is worth $750,000 in prize money, with the winner receiving a wild card entry into the $1 millions Magic Millions QTIS race.

We were contacted to create this prestigious trophy for the race day, with a request to feature a piece of jewellery that was hand crafted by a local jeweller in Toowoomba. Hogan’s Family Jewellers presented us with the dazzling piece of jewellery to base the trophy design around, which included 18 carat gold and a diamond set crown.

After the jewellery piece was delivered to us, we got to work on the design phase of the trophy design, brainstorming concepts. We created this luxurious trophy to replicate the peaks of a mountain, using a combination of laser cut timbers and soft frosted white acrylics to create a modern, abstract mountain scape. We used a mixture of laser etched and gold text on the base of the trophy, to tie in with the gold of the jewellery feature piece.

We loved creating this unique and custom trophy based around an existing piece of jewellery. Contact us today to get started on your next custom project!

ABT Associates Acknowledgment Plaques

ABT Associates is a global leader in research, who use an evidence-based approach to solving difficult challenges in health, social and environmental policies. Over their 50-year history, ABT Associates have expanded rapidly, quickly growing into an international company with over 3,000 global staff.

We were contacted to create these recognition plaques to be used across their Australian offices. We selected a natural Australian timber, which was then hand-veneered by our in-house joinery team. Custom indigenous artwork was laser etched onto the front of the plaques, along with the company logo and text. We added a stepped in effect for the main information area to create a sense of depth. D-rings were added to the back of the plaque to allow the recipients to mount the plaque on the wall or to stand independently depending on their preference.

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Nautique Marketing Awards 2022

Nautique is an industry leading American boat manufacturer that produces the very best waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats on the market. Nautique continues to drive progression in their award-winning, high-quality boats and products.

Nautique is one of our favourite long-term U.S clients, and once again they reached out to us to create an extremely unique and bespoke piece for their 2022 Marketing Awards. Nautique wanted an award to present back to their top performing dealers with a design that would blow their minds. After initial discussions around the design, they had mentioned an idea of a levitating element in the award but didn’t think this would be possible to produce. After hours of researching and lots of trial and error we were able to design and create a levitating award.

Keeping in-line with the Nautique branding, we utilised black stained timber paired with a mixture of gloss and matte black acrylic. The distinctive feature in this award is the floating and rotating red Nautique logo cube. When the cube is placed over the base, it floats and rotates independently creating a unique focal piece.

This was certainly one of our biggest design challenges in recent years and we loved creating every second of it! Contact us today to discuss your next custom project.

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