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Nautique Dealers Awards

Nautique is an industry leading American boat manufacturer that produces the very best waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats on the market.

One of our favourite long-standing U.S. clients, Nautique, contacted us once more to have a highly original and personalised piece made for their 2022 Dealers Awards. For the awards, we were challenged with developing a fresh look that reflected the features of their boats. We were able to base the design around the unique geometric pattern that features heavily throughout their vessels, from the speaker design, seat upholstery and faceted sides of the hull.

To develop these awards, our design team used a unique blend of materials and printing procedures. The body of the awards were made from black stained timber with features of spot gloss and UV embellishments. We designed and manufactured 3D geometric patterns to protrude out of the award face creating a unique look. A combination of black, gold, silver, and white brand colours were chosen for the various categories of awards.

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Gold Coast Marathon Trophies 2023

Gold Coast Marathon is a world class international event and has excitingly entered its 43rd consecutive year! The event attracts participants of all ages and abilities, combining multiple 42km, 21km, 10km, 5km and CPL Wheelchair Marathon races.

This year, we were contacted to create something a little different to align with the new branding for the event. Their new branding includes a wide range of bright, vibrant colours and a wave like pattern. The design team wanted to make both elements a huge feature of the new awards.

We used a combination of native Australian timber and layers of acrylic to achieve bold, eye-catching feature numbers that correlate to the kilometres the athletes run. Layers of acrylic were laser cut to shape, printed and layered upon one another to achieve a 3D effect and a unique sense of depth. All text and logos were laser etched onto the body of the award, with the edges left exposed to reveal the varying colours used within the award.

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NASA Awards

NASA is an independent agency of the U.S. Federal Government responsible for the civil space program aeronautic research, and space research. Every year, NASA recognises the best contributions to the future of aerospace research with their software of the year award, invention of the year award and James Kerley Awards.

The team at NASA wanted to create two extremely unique trophies, with the nature of the awards being ‘innovation’.

For all of these awards, we used a combination of acrylic and layers of timber stacked upon each other to create a detailed 3D effect. On the James Kerley award, to create an even further sense of depth we included laser cut screen details to create a 3D tunnel to emphasise the portrait into the centre of the trophy, creating an eye-catching focal piece. To increase the longevity of the perpetual trophy, we included silver plaques to be etched yearly when new winners are announced.

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Magic Millions 3YO Guineas Trophy

The Magic Millions 3YO Guineas is an event which is held annually at the Gold Coast Racecourse each January. The total prize money for the day is a lucrative $11.75 million, with the 3YO Guineas offering $2 millions dollars of the total amount. We created this unique and eye-catching trophy for the winning owner, trainer and jockey of the race.

We decided to do something a little bit different for this prestigious race and crafted a unique sculptural base for the award out of hand veneered Australian hardwood and black acrylic ribbed sections. The focal piece of the award is the black anodised metal horse head on top of the award, designed in house by our creative team. The layers of metal and gold are broken down into layers to illustrate the powerful anatomy of a horse. Each of these awards took our team hours in production to hand craft and we are thrilled with the result.

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King of the Mountain Trophy 2022

The 2022 King of the Mountain race was part of a new inaugural race held in Toowoomba and is Queensland’s newest slot race. The race is a 1200m sprint and is worth $750,000 in prize money, with the winner receiving a wild card entry into the $1 millions Magic Millions QTIS race.

We were contacted to create this prestigious trophy for the race day, with a request to feature a piece of jewellery that was hand crafted by a local jeweller in Toowoomba. Hogan’s Family Jewellers presented us with the dazzling piece of jewellery to base the trophy design around, which included 18 carat gold and a diamond set crown.

After the jewellery piece was delivered to us, we got to work on the design phase of the trophy design, brainstorming concepts. We created this luxurious trophy to replicate the peaks of a mountain, using a combination of laser cut timbers and soft frosted white acrylics to create a modern, abstract mountain scape. We used a mixture of laser etched and gold text on the base of the trophy, to tie in with the gold of the jewellery feature piece.

We loved creating this unique and custom trophy based around an existing piece of jewellery. Contact us today to get started on your next custom project!

Nautique Marketing Awards 2022

Nautique is an industry leading American boat manufacturer that produces the very best waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats on the market. Nautique continues to drive progression in their award-winning, high-quality boats and products.

Nautique is one of our favourite long-term U.S clients, and once again they reached out to us to create an extremely unique and bespoke piece for their 2022 Marketing Awards. Nautique wanted an award to present back to their top performing dealers with a design that would blow their minds. After initial discussions around the design, they had mentioned an idea of a levitating element in the award but didn’t think this would be possible to produce. After hours of researching and lots of trial and error we were able to design and create a levitating award.

Keeping in-line with the Nautique branding, we utilised black stained timber paired with a mixture of gloss and matte black acrylic. The distinctive feature in this award is the floating and rotating red Nautique logo cube. When the cube is placed over the base, it floats and rotates independently creating a unique focal piece.

This was certainly one of our biggest design challenges in recent years and we loved creating every second of it! Contact us today to discuss your next custom project.

Airtech 50 Year Anniversary Plaques

Airtech is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials in the USA with numerous international locations.

We were contacted to create these plaques in honour of their 50th anniversary to gift to their loyal customers who have been supporting them over their long spanning history. In the initial design brief, carbon fibre was a texture the client really loved and wanted to be a feature as it ties in with the nature of their business.

We paired the carbon fibre with a natural timber which was hand veneered by our in-house joinery team. The main text of the plaque was laser etched onto the plaque with a silver acrylic plate left blank so that names could be added when required. D-rings were also mounted to the back of the plaques so that they could be hung on to the wall. The Airtech logo was printed onto white acrylic and added as a feature piece to the top of the plaque.

We loved creating these unique, custom plaques. Contact us today to get started on your next custom project.

Coast to Coast 2023 Trophy

The Coast-to-Coast race day is an annual event traditionally held at Aquis Park, but was staged at the Sunshine Coast Turb Club due to a $63 million redevelopment underway at the Gold Coast Turf Club. The Coast-to-Coast race day is comprised of multiple races of varying distances and prizes, all including a quality line-up of horses.

We were contacted to create a refreshed, luxurious trophy suite for the 2023 event, to coincide with the renaming of the event. We created a trophy for the winning owner, trainer and jockey of each race. For the top tier race, the $500,000 Group 2 TAB A.D Hollindale Stakes, we created a more opulent version of the trophy to emulate the prestigious nature of the race.

As this event was to be held on the Sunshine Coast as opposed to the usual Gold Coast grounds, We selected a whitewashed natural Australian timber for the main body of the awards instead of the usual natural timber finish. We adorned the awards with an intricate floral detail that was laser cut to reveal gold detailing underneath. The top of the trophy included a laser cut timber horse motif and the text and logo were laser etched onto the body of the trophy.

To add a layer of luxury to the prestigious TAB A.D Hollindale Stakes race, we elected a different laser cut floral pattern to differentiate between the awards.

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Photos courtesy of Gold Coast Turf Club Facebook page.

Nautique Moomba Masters 2022 Trophies

Moomba Masters is an annual competition, presented by the Victorian Water Ski Association and is held on the Yarra River, Melbourne. It is comprised of various disciplines of water-skiing activities, with competitors skiing exclusively behind Nautique boats.

We were contacted to create these custom awards for each category of the different events held over the course of the 6-day competition. Although we created a different design for the junior and adult categories, we wanted to ensure both trophies tied in together by using the same design elements and materials across both.

For the junior categories, we used a natural timber block for the body of the trophy, varying the size for the different placings. The text was laser etched on to the font and sides of the awards, with the logo printed on a piece of acrylic which was then layered on another white piece of acrylic. The acrylic was then laser cut to show first, second and third place, which created a sense of depth and draws the eye to the circle in the centre.

We wanted to elevate the awards for the adult categories, whilst still incorporating similar design elements to keep the awards cohesive. We used a combination of clear and white acrylic layers to build up the body of the award, with Australian timber selected for the front and back of the trophy. The centre of the award was left clear to give the logo a floating effect. The timber was laser cut to show the Victorian Water Ski Association logo, which was UV printed on the white acrylic layer behind. The categories were then laser etched on to the front timber, with silver finishing screws used to tie the design together.

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Photos courtesy of the Moomba Masters Facebook Page.

Magic Millions The Star 2YO Classic 2023

The Magic Millions 2YO Classic is an exclusive race held at the Gold Coast Racecourse every January as part of the Magic Millions Racing Carnival. The race is a 1200m sprint and is worth $2 million in prize money.

We created this unique and luxurious trophy for the winning trainer, jockey and owner for the race. The body of the trophy was created using a natural timber that has been laser cut with a wave pattern motif.  Gold acrylic accents were then added to create a touch of luxury, which ties in with the prestigious nature of the race. The race details were laser etched onto a gold acrylic plate, with the winner details being etched into the body of the trophy. We incorporated the iconic Gold Coast skyline at the and a gold acrylic, laser cut horse and jockey as a unique focal piece.

We loved creating this unique, custom trophy. Contact us today to get started on your next project!


Photos courtesy of the Magic Millions Facebook page.

Design Matters True Zero Carbon Challenge 2022 Award

The True Zero Carbon Challenge is a competition developed by Design Matters National. Entrants are required to design sustainable housing that adheres to a strict brief, with the aim of the home to pay back its carbon debt by 2050.

We were contacted by the team at design matters to create a distinctive and sustainable award using natural materials that reflected the outcomes of the challenge.

This award was created using recycled hardwood fence posts originally sourced from a farm in northern New South Wales. The posts are very weathered and have all their original characteristics including holes from the fence wire and nail holes throughout the blocks.  The timber which was left very much in its natural state was perfect for this design brief as it reflects the essence of the challenge. No two blocks were the same which created a bespoke and memorable experience.

The text and logo were then etched onto the block, with an additional silver acrylic logo added to the front of the award, which created a focal piece.

We loved created this custom award! Contact us today to create your next custom project!

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QLD Government Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs 2022 Staff Awards

The Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs supports children, young people and their families to be safe and to flourish in the community.

We were contacted to create a unique and memorable custom trophy for their 2022 Staff Excellence Awards. We created a large trophy for the winner of each category, and a slightly smaller variation for the highly commended runner-up.

This unique arch shaped design used a variety of techniques to create a bold and eye-catching keepsake. We used layers of Australian native timber which was then laser cut to shape and arranged to create a sense of depth. The edges of the award were left exposed to allow the natural light to create a shadow effect upon the layers and highlight the bright ribbon motif.

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