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Custom Made Timber Art Easels

Here are some custom constructed timber easels made from pine and hardwood blackbutt joinery elements with solid brass clips to hold artworks in place. With it’s subtle elements and quality materials, we love this simple and rugged design.







Legacy Lantern

This is a custom made lantern we designed and produced for Legacy. Designed to fit an electric tealight in the base with the light beaming out from the laser cut logos on the side panels. They are re-usable so that Legacy can utilise them for events and functions in the future.

potato-press-legacy-wooden-lantern-cutout-candle-holder-australia  potato-press-legacy-wooden-cutout-laser-lantern-candle-holder-australia potato-press-legacy-candle-holder-lantern-wooden-cutout-australiapotato-press-legacy-cutout-wooden-laser-cut-candle-holder-lantern

Macrostone Custom Display Box

Founded to provide quality, innovative natural stone products across Australia, Macrostone has built an all-encompassing community of architects, landscape designers, interior designers, distributors, builders, trade contractors and retail customers with a love for unique stone designs in both commercial and residential spaces.

As part of Macrostone’s sales team, stone and marble samples are part of the everyday tool kit, necessary for showcasing their passion for quality product and inventive design possibilities.

Briefed with creating a Custom Display Box, we crafted a sleek rectangular box, perfectly fitting the various samples for easy showing. As a branded addition the project, we added a custom sliding lid with the Macrostone logo, including an easy-to-slide handle and modern design.

potato-press-wooden-display-box-joinery-uv-printed-australia-north-america-usa-marblepotato-press-macrostone-display-box-wooden-uv-printed-sliding-lid   potato-press-macrostone-wooden-joinery-detail-display-box-australia-north-americapotato-press-macrostone-wooden-display-box-laser-etch-joinery-sliding-lid-2 potato-press-macrostone-wooden-joinery-detail-display-box-australia-north-america-2 potato-press-wooden-display-box-joinery-uv-printed-australia-north-america-usa-2potato-press-macrostone-wooden-display-box-laser-etch-joinery-sliding-lid

Coopers Aged Timber Tap Decals

Now in its 6th generation, Coopers Brewery is the oldest family-owned and run brewery in all of Australia. With a long-running legacy of quality beers, modern innovation and brewing tradition, Coopers recently released a seasonal run of aged beers, including the Extra Strong Vintage Ale, delicious Amber Ale, and Brew-A in honour of founder Thomas Coopers’ first ever beer recipe.

With a brief to create a custom line of beer decals for the Coopers seasonal line, we opted for an authentic, aged look by combining different timbers and finishes to create a layered look, adding depth and texture to the final product.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s history, we proudly created the Coopers Aged Timber Tap Decals, featuring red and yellow colouring, beer barrel imagery, and nods to their distinguished presence in Australia.




We produced quite a large quantity so keep an eye out for them at a bar near you.

coopers-aged-beer-decal-potato-press-usa-costa-mesa-australia-print-on-wood coopers-aged-wooden-beer-decal-potato-press-usa-costa-mesa-australia-print-on-wood-craft-beer coopers-aged-wooden-beer-decal-potato-press-usa-costa-mesa-australia-print-on-wood  coopers-aged-wooden-beer-tap-decal-potato-press-usa-costa-mesa-australia-craft-beer     coopers-aged-wooden-craft-beer-decals-potato-press-usa-costa-mesa-australian-production


Burleigh Brewing Timber Esky Covers

Here’s another project that required some problem solving, which we love doing! This time it was for Burleigh Brewing and their keg beer cooling system they use when they are offsite at events. They wanted to cover the eyesore which was the blue esky, so that the potential customers would be able to see something nice with clear Burleigh Brewing branding.


The cover had to not only look good, but needed to function and be easily setup. So we came up with this timber surround with laser engraved logos. We added a hinged lid and handles which aided in setup and access to the internal system while serving beer at events. Keep an eye out for it at craft beer events and stop by for a cheeky brew.

burleigh-brewing-company-hand-built-timber-esky-detail-bespoke-custom-laser-etch-back-shot  burleigh-brewing-company-hand-built-timber-esky-detail-bespoke-custom-laser-etch burleigh-brewing-company-hand-built-timber-esky-detail2-bespoke-custom-laser-etch burleigh-brewing-company-hand-built-timber-esky-drill-bespoke-custom-laser-etch burleigh-brewing-company-hand-built3-timber-esky-detail2-bespoke-custom-laser-etch

Display Centre Floor Plans Folio

This was a fun project we collaborated with Robina Group on for their Botanique Development. The aim was to design and produce a creative and portable floor plan folio that the agents could take with them.


We decided to make it out of a hardwood ply with the plans printed directly onto the timber. Then manufactured with layered elements to create an interlocking slide system. The whole system is also designed so that it is interchangeable. It turned out as a really cool way to display their floor plans in a unique and portable unit.

1-robina-floor_plans-custom-box-uv-printed-layered-2016-print 2-robina-floor_plans-custom-box-uv-printed-layered-2016-print 3-robina-floor_plans-custom-box-uv-printed-layered-2016-print

Pacificus - Custom Presentation Folder

Working with different materials and techniques is kind of our bread and butter. So we were more than happy to have a crack at this presentation folder for the guys over at Oliver Hume and are very pleased with the outcome.

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 4

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 2

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 3

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 5

The design of the cover is inspired by the work of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It just takes one look at his work and the influences are made apparent.


oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 7

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 8

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 6

Burleigh Brewing Company - Custom Beer Tasting Trays and Bottle Openers

Recently we’ve been working with the Burleigh Brewing Co to create custom Beer Tasting Trays and Bottle Openers.

The beer tasting trays were custom designed and manufactured out of Tasmanian Oak with an aluminium strip for holding the coasters, which describe each beer and finished off with a laser etched logo.

BB_Opening_March3-0708  BB_Opening_March3-0707  Burleigh-Brewing-potato-press-Beer-tasting-board-custom-made-laser-etched-beer-board-australia-north-america Burleigh-Brewing-potato-press-Beer-tasting-board-custom-made-laser-etched-logo-craft-beer-australia-north-america

The bottle openers are made from stainless steel and a laser-etched hardwood marine ply.

in-house manufactured bottle openers



Jack's Creek - Custom Timber Presentation Knife Box

This is a project we put together for Jacks Creek. They needed a high-end box to display their AusKobe knives, which they give to their clients as gifts (or as threats).









We designed these timber display boxes made from Tasmanian oak with a black japan finish. Laser cut felt inlay, custom designed to the shape of the knives. Finished off with a clear acrylic (Perspex) lid with a revered laser etch.

Paradox Brass Signage

Here is some custom brass signage we produced for Paradox Coffee Roasters in Surfers Paradise. Individually cut brass letters were mounted on the facade. We also did some custom menu boards for inside the store. The finished signage looked super tidy.

brass--cut-out-letters-coffee-shop-signage-potato-press brass-cut-out-letters-coffee-shop-custom-signage-potato-press-install brass-cut-out-letters-coffee-shop-signage-potato-press-1 brass-letters-cut-signage-coffee-shop-signage-australia brass-letters-cut-signage-paradox-coffee-signage-potato-press brass-letters-signage-paradox-coffee-signage-potato-press custom-timber-menu-board-signage-paradox-coffee-signage-potato-press

Burleigh Brewing Co. - Custom Made Timber Signage

We have done a fair amount of work for the guys over at Burleigh Brewing Co. They have a great brand and look that we love to work with; clean, simple and effective.







Event Collateral Southbank Christmas 2015

Once again we teamed up with the crew at Brisbane Marketing to develop and produce custom event collateral for the 2015 Wonder of Christmas event in Southbank, Brisbane. This included custom printed and laser cut timber signage, printed timber fascias for the market stalls, custom made timber cube seating, freestanding printed timber directional signage, printed timber A-frames, custom freestanding lightboxes in the shape of christmas trees and of course the life size timber deer made his triumphant return this year. It is such an exciting and fun project to be involved in.

Southbank-Christmas-event-signage-lifesize-timber-dear-potato-press Southbank-Christmas-event-signage-printed-timber-signage-laser-cut-custom-lightbox-potato-press Southbank-Christmas-event-signage-printed-timber-signage-laser-cut-custom-timber-brochure-holder-potato-press Southbank-Christmas-event-signage-printed-timber-signage-laser-cut-potato-press Southbank-Christmas-event-signage-printed-timber-signage-laser-cut-printed-timber-stall-fascia-potato-press

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