Presentation Books & Folders

Hand Bound Portfolio and Case

Here’s a cool custom portfolio created with a feature we haven’t done before; a clear window on top. This allows the viewer to look into the custom leather wrapped cover and look in on the contents inside. It has a stylish black print on matte black acrylic with sleek mechanical spine system. We love this subtle and sophisticated looking folio and hope you do to!


Hand Bound Leather and Timber Portfolio

It’s the details that count, and this is far from short of those.

The internal box is custom joinery finished solid Australian timber with dovetail joins, to perfectly accommodate the portfolio within. The lid of the box is a custom pattern that was laser cut and slides open to reveal the inside. The outer shell is a custom leather bound folder that meets in the middle with a couple of gorgeous handles with tassels for a bit of flair. We created a smaller leather bound box to ‘roll’ open to reveal two usb’s and a custom made coin as a ‘leave-behind’ box.

As this was made for a portfolio, we’re sure that this will make a huge impact with whoever looks through it.

Macrostone Custom Display Box

Founded to provide quality, innovative natural stone products across Australia, Macrostone has built an all-encompassing community of architects, landscape designers, interior designers, distributors, builders, trade contractors and retail customers with a love for unique stone designs in both commercial and residential spaces.

As part of Macrostone’s sales team, stone and marble samples are part of the everyday tool kit, necessary for showcasing their passion for quality product and inventive design possibilities.

Briefed with creating a Custom Display Box, we crafted a sleek rectangular box, perfectly fitting the various samples for easy showing. As a branded addition the project, we added a custom sliding lid with the Macrostone logo, including an easy-to-slide handle and modern design.

potato-press-wooden-display-box-joinery-uv-printed-australia-north-america-usa-marblepotato-press-macrostone-display-box-wooden-uv-printed-sliding-lid   potato-press-macrostone-wooden-joinery-detail-display-box-australia-north-americapotato-press-macrostone-wooden-display-box-laser-etch-joinery-sliding-lid-2 potato-press-macrostone-wooden-joinery-detail-display-box-australia-north-america-2 potato-press-wooden-display-box-joinery-uv-printed-australia-north-america-usa-2potato-press-macrostone-wooden-display-box-laser-etch-joinery-sliding-lid

Display Centre Floor Plans Folio

This was a fun project we collaborated with Robina Group on for their Botanique Development. The aim was to design and produce a creative and portable floor plan folio that the agents could take with them.


We decided to make it out of a hardwood ply with the plans printed directly onto the timber. Then manufactured with layered elements to create an interlocking slide system. The whole system is also designed so that it is interchangeable. It turned out as a really cool way to display their floor plans in a unique and portable unit.

1-robina-floor_plans-custom-box-uv-printed-layered-2016-print 2-robina-floor_plans-custom-box-uv-printed-layered-2016-print 3-robina-floor_plans-custom-box-uv-printed-layered-2016-print

North End Boardriders Presentation Box

Originally established in 1976, the North End Boardriders is well known as one of the Gold Coast’s most prestigious and longest running surf clubs. From its scenic home base in front of the Southport Surf Life Saving Club to its long list of local legends and rippers, including Joe Engel, Wayne McKewen, Michael ‘Munga’ Barry, Scott Wildin, Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich and more, the North End Boardriders have definitely earned their spot among the most respected surf clubs in Australia.

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, the North End Boardriders created a 150+ page book commemorating the past, present and future of their Gold Coast club staple. With an array of rare photographs, interviews and more, the book was worthy of a customised presentation befitting of its prized content.


For the night of the North End Boardriders 40th Anniversary Celebration, we created custom built, handmade timber presentation boxes, each with a printed timber face with leather-bound spine. With an internal tray customised to fit the printed book, it’s safe to say that we honoured these local legends to the best of our ability.

north-end-boardriders-hand-made-wood-presentation-box-printed-wood-potato-press-3 north-end-boardriders-hand-made-wood-presentation-box-printed-wood-potato-press-4 north-end-boardriders-hand-made-wood-presentation-box-printed-wood-potato-press-5 north-end-boardriders-hand-made-wood-presentation-box-printed-wood-potato-press-6

Interested in customised presentation boxes in Australia and North America? Feel free to get in touch to see what we can do for you.


Pacificus - Custom Presentation Folder

Working with different materials and techniques is kind of our bread and butter. So we were more than happy to have a crack at this presentation folder for the guys over at Oliver Hume and are very pleased with the outcome.

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 4

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 2

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 3

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 5

The design of the cover is inspired by the work of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It just takes one look at his work and the influences are made apparent.


oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 7

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 8

oliver-hume-folder-acrylic-perspex-presentation-book-laser-cut 6

SOD Builders - Custom Hinged Timber Folders

These timber folders were a great little project for an award winning, full-service construction Californian based company SOD Builders Inc. . Using laser etched timber and a robust steel hinge system, we created an organic and rugged display folder.

4-custom-laser-etched-timber-binder-folder-hinge-document-binder1-custom-laser-etched-timber-binder-folder-hinge-document-binder2-custom-laser-etched-timber-binder-folder-hinge-document-binder 3-custom-laser-etched-timber-binder-folder-hinge-document-binder

Timber Presentation Folder for Northern Territory

We were approached by Publicis Mojo to produce these custom timber presentation folders for the Northern Territory. Made from a Northern Australian Flooded Gum timber veneer with a print directly onto the timber. We custom designed and manufactured the outside cover and internal tray which held a printed brochure. The final look was a sleek and functional presentation folder.

custom-timber-presentation-folder-invest-NT-potato-press-australia-north-america custom-timber-presentation-folder-printed-wood-potato-press-australia-north-america-3 custom-timber-presentation-folder-printed-wood-potato-press-australia-north-america2custom-timber-presentation-folder-printed-wood-potato-press-australia-northern-territory

Custom Timber Menus and Chopping Boards for Cliffords

Custom timber menus and laser etched chopping boards for Cliffords Grill and Lounge. The custom menus were made from a hardwood timber with a black leather spine. We kept the Cliffords branding going by laser etching their serving boards.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.37.03 pmScreen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.38.04 pmCustome-made-timber-menu-holderscustom-laser-etched-chopping-boards-north-america-australia Custom-timber-chopping-boards-laser-etched-cliffords-gold-coastCustome-timber-chopping-boards-laser-etchedlaser-etched-chopping-boards-north-america-australiaScreen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.38.27 pm

Custom Aluminium book covers

This was one of the first jobs we did with our new router. We were approached by the team at The Really Quite Good Ideas Company to come up with a powder coated aluminium cover for a project they were putting together for Yellow Cover. The cover had to be quite industrial looking due to the nature of the business. The most challenging part of the whole job was coming up with a suitable binding system which was both practical and looked great.


5 O'Clock Somewhere - Hand Bound Folders

The crew over at Five O’Clock Somewhere  wanted a cool unique folder for their extensive wine list. They say;  “Our aim is to create a collection of wines that are interesting, purposeful and honest in a ‘dare to be great’ environment.” So they needed something cool to match the wines.

So we created these custom hand bound folders, which were laser cut and etched out of Tasmanian Oak. UV printed with the their colourful logo which really pops on the Tassie oak; then they were hand bound with black leather to give it a really classy finish.

Overall we’re happy with the outcome and think they’ll look great in their surroundings down in South Australia.






Flour Mill of Summer Hill - Hand Bound Custom Folders

Our on site book-binder created these hand bound custom folders for the guys at Metropolis for a project for  Flour Mill  in Sydney. The Flour Mill is going to be a real estate development “…where parkland, pedestrian areas and new internal streets seamlessly connect the apartments and terrace homes with their wider environment. The past becomes the foundation for a new, dynamic and contemporary neighbourhood.”

The Folder had to be made to suit the overall branding. So we created these hessian wrapped custom hand-bound folders with a black leather interior. We added a clip lock system to make it easier to update or change the inside content and with the incorporation of a UV print onto the front with the fantastic colour that the Flour Mill are using in their logo have tied it all together nicely and created a modern but also nostalgic look.


Hand Bound Custom Folders the-flour-mill-closed-hessian-design-print-custom-international-brisbane-gold-coast-sydney-australia-bespoke-folio-folder-binding-book



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