Australian Bee Congress Custom Awards

Held in late June 2018, the Australian Bee Congress was the third held in its lifetime, after initial congresses on the Gold Coast in 1972 and 1988. Established by the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council Inc. (AHBIC), the theme for this year’s congress was ‘Pollination and Beekeeping for the Future,’ focusing largely on sustainable beekeeping tactics with attendees, vendors and speakers interested in bee products and further issues concerning Australian – and foreign – pollinators.

Sponsored by CRC for Honey Bee Products, one of the main events for delegates attending the conference is The Honey Show, a competition consisting of 18 categories judged on a variety of criteria, including colours of liquid honey, beeswax, and more.

After being contacted to create a special custom award for the 1st place winner of the Cut Comb Honey Show category, classified as #13 of 17, we brainstormed ways to make the award eye-catching and memorable for both the recipient and The Honey Show organisers.

Drawing inspiration from the remarkable honeycomb shape, we created a custom laser cut honeycomb filigree to act as the focal point of the award, with the honeycomb colouring and shape used as background print for the wording as well. In addition, we used individually printed faces and CNC milled ply timber to show exposed edges, adding a bit of rugged charm to the overall appearance.

We are proud of our local beekeepers and those in the industry working hard to ensure one of the world’s most valuable and vulnerable species is able to continue its duties, and are eager to take on new challenges when it comes to your next custom award needs.

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