Dude-A-Palooza - Timber Awards

Here at Potato Press, we love any opportunity to work with hardwood timber, so when we were contacted to create a custom award for the 2017 Dude-A-Palooza Awards, we jumped at the chance to participate!

Celebrating accomplishments in fishing, the hilariously named Dude-A-Palooza trophies were designed to include such accolades as the ‘Moby Dick Award,’ and were created with printed timber 3D elements, such as the fish near the top of the trophy. Using native Blackbutt hardwood timber for a clean, aesthetically-pleasing finish, these custom trophies were constructed with laser cut acrylic and UV printed custom veneers.

Final details of the design included matte black painted timber, as well as an acrylic name plate with printed details and red, laser cut text for an added pop of colour.

We hope our client had a wonderful celebration, and we look forward to helping you design your next custom trophy or award. Simply get in touch via the website or give us a call!

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