Queensland Government Reconciliation Awards 2023

The Queensland Government Reconciliation Awards are an esteemed annual event, dedicated to honoring outstanding collaborations and projects that propel reconciliation forward across businesses, community organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

This year, we had the privilege of collaborating with the Queensland Government to craft a brand-new design for the 2023 awards. Drawing inspiration from the profound heritage of the land, we were provided with indigenous artwork from Gilimbaa, an Indigenous creative agency. This powerful and captivating artwork served as the foundation for our artistic journey.

The design team sought to create an award that would not only be a symbol of recognition but also a piece of art in its own right. We envisioned a design that embraced the essence of the indigenous artwork while infusing it with a sense of depth and dimension.

To bring this vision to life, selected a thoughtful blend of timber and acrylic—a meticulous combination that allowed us to artistically deconstruct the artwork into multiple layers, achieving a unique 3D effect.

The timber base became a canvas for innovation, laser-cut to mirror the lines and patterns of the artwork. The logos and text were laser-etched the onto the base, adding a touch of sophistication and personalization.

We loved creating this unique design for the Queensland Health 2023 Reconciliation awards! Contact us today to get started on your next custom project.


Photo courtesy of: https://womensagenda.com.au/business/2023-queensland-reconciliation-awards-recognises-six-inspiring-initiatives/

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