Flour Mill of Summer Hill - Hand Bound Custom Folders

Our on site book-binder created these hand bound custom folders for the guys at Metropolis for a project for  Flour Mill  in Sydney. The Flour Mill is going to be a real estate development “…where parkland, pedestrian areas and new internal streets seamlessly connect the apartments and terrace homes with their wider environment. The past becomes the foundation for a new, dynamic and contemporary neighbourhood.”

The Folder had to be made to suit the overall branding. So we created these hessian wrapped custom hand-bound folders with a black leather interior. We added a clip lock system to make it easier to update or change the inside content and with the incorporation of a UV print onto the front with the fantastic colour that the Flour Mill are using in their logo have tied it all together nicely and created a modern but also nostalgic look.


Hand Bound Custom Folders the-flour-mill-closed-hessian-design-print-custom-international-brisbane-gold-coast-sydney-australia-bespoke-folio-folder-binding-book



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