Custom Awards & Event Collateral

Balter Brewing Company - Custom 3D Printed Awards

This was a fun project for the guys and gals over at Balter Brewing Company for their “Tins of Glory” beer can sliding competition. We printed the gold hand utilising our in house 3d printer, and created a custom base with ‘stringer’ accents running through it. Check out the promo video down the bottom to see what it’s all about!


Here are some process shots of the 3D printed hands coming together;

Time Pet Custom Trophy

Time Pet is a pet shop supplier that celebrates creativity, hard work and individuality. We used these principles to create fun and eye-catching awards made from layered laser etched and UV printed wood.

potato-press-timepet-trophy-award-wooden-laser-etch-typography-uv-printed-detail potato-press-timepet-wooden-award-trophy-laser-etched-engraved-uv-printed-fun-typography potato-press-timepet-wooden-trophy-award-laser-etch-bold-fun-typography potato-press-wooden-trophy-award-timepet-typography-laser-etch-uv-printed

2017 Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Champion Trophies

Kicking off both the men’s and women’s WSL World Championship Tours, the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast was held at the renowned local surf spot, Snapper Rocks, in mid March 2017. Featuring some of the world’s best surfers, including Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore, among others, the event brought spectators by the thousands to the warm white sands of Coolangatta.

Tasked with the honourable duty of creating customised competition trophies for the contest winners, we went all out to create a product that reflected both our love for the ocean and Australia’s natural beauty.

With a desire to utilise quality local materials, we chose locally sourced, native Australian timber to pay homage to the origins and location of the competition, using the timber as both the backdrop and frame for the trophies. For the central focal point and inner portion, we created a unique and stylised birds eye view of Snapper Rocks, accomplished by overlaying laser cut coloured acrylics in order to portray the point break  waves that Snapper Rocks is so known for. Lastly, we layered laser cut timbers to represent the surrounding sand and rocks, creating a final cohesive look that speaks to both the location and overall surfer lifestyle.

After a fierce and exciting competition, surfer Owen Wright powered through the finals to become the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Champion alongside runner up and fellow Aussie surfer, Matt Wilkinson. In the women’s competition, Aussie surfer Stephanie Gilmore took home the top trophy, while American Lakey Peterson snagged runner up.

Our trophies glimmered in the well-deserved winners’ arms at the end of their fierce display of skill, and we continue to show our support for the sport of surfing, both locally and beyond.

Interested in having customised trophies created for your event? Get in touch, and we look forward to making your vision a reality.


Photo courtesy of Corey Wilson 

Wipeout Dementia Custom Trophy

Wipeout Dementia is a one day surf competition that provides vital funds for research into dementia through the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA). We have the opportunity to design and produce the awards for all of the Wipeout Dementia events and we always manage to throw different ideas and designs together.  This time we created a custom branded trophy consisting of layered acrylic and UV printed wood panels.

potato-press-wipeout-dimentia-award-trophy-layered-acrylic-wooden-uv-printed potato-press-wipeout-dimentia-wooden-trophy-award-layered-acrylic-uv-printed-surf-board-detail

Metricon Homes Custom Trophy

We were contacted by Metricon Homes to create some Thank You awards to celebrate the fact that they were awarded Australia’s number 1 house builder in 2016. The sleek design is created using laser etched solid wood and layered black and metal finish acrylic.

potato-press-metricon-homes-australia-wooden-trophy-award-laser-etch-printed-acrylic potato-press-metricon-homes-award-trophy-wooden-laser-etch-gold-finished-acrylic-australia potato-press-wooden-trophy-award-metricon-homes-australia-laser-etched-printed-acrylic

Jim Moran - Custom Layered Awards

Founded by Jim Moran in 1984, the Youth Automotive Training Center (YATC) educates disadvantaged youth in basic automotive repair, academic remediation, job readiness and life management skills. YATC students have the opportunity to learn a trade, plan for the future and become productive members of the community.

These awards were created for the Jump Start Golf event that helps raise funds to keep the training center running at the highest possible standard. We used a combination of perspex and laser etched custom timbers to create this modern award.






FYA Unleashed - Custom Acrylic and Timber Awards


As part of the Unleashed Festival , FYA holds the annual Unleashed Awards, where they celebrate the achievements and diversity of Australia’s young dreamers, doers, thinkers and creators. So here are some cool trophies built for the event. Using laser cut acrylic and joinery finished native hardwood timber, we created something quite fun and stylish. 






Fossil Group - Custom Timber Trophies

With 59 offices and 615 company-owned stores in a total of 150 countries, Fossil is an easily-recognisable American watch and lifestyle company focusing on quality leathers, watches, jewellery, accessories and more, all made with an authentic vintage feel and classic design.

In celebration of the recent graduates of their 2016 Pursuit Leadership Development Program, Fossil contacted us to craft Custom Awards for the ceremony.

Highlighting their design style of “clean lines of the mid-century meets the modern look of today,” we combined the raw elements of hardwood timber with the clean lines of brass-finished components and a black-on-black background. Laser-etching was used to add recipients’ names to the awards, as well as a cheetah and slogan, “Leadership is the Pursuit of Excellence,” on each custom-shaped award.

The subtle cheetah print behind the Fossil logo also shows the careful consideration and skill achieved on each piece.











Legacy Lantern

This is a custom made lantern we designed and produced for Legacy. Designed to fit an electric tealight in the base with the light beaming out from the laser cut logos on the side panels. They are re-usable so that Legacy can utilise them for events and functions in the future.

potato-press-legacy-wooden-lantern-cutout-candle-holder-australia  potato-press-legacy-wooden-cutout-laser-lantern-candle-holder-australia potato-press-legacy-candle-holder-lantern-wooden-cutout-australiapotato-press-legacy-cutout-wooden-laser-cut-candle-holder-lantern

Major League Hacking Award

Created for hackers, by hackers, Major League Hacking (MLH) is a North American and European organization with 65,000 students across 16 countries. Home to an official student hackathon league, MLH hosts over 200 weekend-long invention competitions that inspire innovation, cultivate communities and teach computer science skills to the next generation of tech leaders around the globe.

In honour of their North American Spring 2016 Hacking Awards, MLH contacted us to produce custom trophies for their esteemed award recipients. Since the organization includes such a large number of participants, pinpointing a collaborative design that captures the essence of the company was a challenge, and one that we were excited to take on.

With custom designed laser cutting technology and printed perspex layered together and mounted into a custom built base, the octagonal award was well-received by both the founders and Hacking Award recipients.


Custom designed laser cut and printed perspex all layered together and mounted into a custom built base.

potato-press-layered-transparent-printed-acrylic-custom-trophy-england potato-press-layered-transparent-printed-acrylic-custom-trophy-side-view-detail-england-hackingpotato-press-layered-acrylic-custom-trophy-printed-transparent

Live Strong Custom Trophy

Here is a custom trophy we created for Live Strong. Manufactured from a custom laser etched veneer and printed clear perspex. We also managed to incorporate their signature yellow wristband into the trophy. All finished and sent to Virginia in the US.

potato-press-livestrong-award-trophy-laser-etched-wooden-layered-acrylic-australia potato-press-livestrong-award-trophy-spirit-printed-layered-acrylic-etched-wood-australia-detail potato-press-livestrong-layered-acrylic-laser-etched-wooden-award-trophy-printed-australia potato-press-livestrong-spirit-award-layered-acrylic-laser-etched-wood-australia potato-press-livestrong-trophy-award-layered-printed-acylic-wooden-laser-etch-detail-australia

City of Ryde Citizen of the Year Awards 2016

The City of Ryde hold their annual Citizen and Young Citizen of the year awards every Australia Day. This year we were engaged to create a new trophy for the winners.


We aimed to create something quite simple and effective in design. Also something that the winners would be proud to be awarded. The final result was this solid Blackbutt Hardwood Timber base with a mix of laser cut acrylic, laser etching and gold finish acrylic.

2-australia-day-laser-ethched-acrylic-timber-trophy-custom-plaque 3-australia-day-laser-ethched-acrylic-timber-trophy-custom-plaque 4-australia-day-laser-ethched-acrylic-timber-trophy-custom-plaque

If you need something similar for an upcoming event, drop us a line and we can help you out!

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